1v1 lol unblocked on a School Chromebook

1v1.LOL is a simple battle royale game where players will be pitted against each other on a small map to become the last man standing

The best thing about this game is that all you need is an internet browser and 

connection to play it, so you can play from anywhere, including a school Chromebook.

Unfortunately, like many other browser games and Google Play games, 

this game may not be accessible due to school restriction

So, if you're stuck at school and want to play this game, don't worry—there are ways to unblock 

1v1.LOL on a school Chromebook. Here's how to unblock 1v1.LOL on a school Chromebook!

If you can't access the 1v1.LOL website on your school Chromebook, you can try using another proxy to open it.