Japanese woman gets Miss Japan title

The Ukraine-born model became the talk of the town after winning the Miss Japan title.

In Japan, the number of elderly people is increasing and the number of young people is decreasing rapidly. A foreigner may be required to work in Japan.

But questions are going viral whether foreigners are needed to win the title of beautiful woman...

The Ukraine-born model faced controversies and could not even celebrate being chosen as Miss Japan. Although he speaks Japanese, he has been surrounded by controversy regarding his European origins

Carolina has won the Miss Japan title, almost 10 years after Ariana Miyamoto became the first hybrid woman to win the Miss Japan title in 2015. At the time, Ariana's mother was Japanese and her father was African American.

Miss Japan is not Japanese, she is 100% Ukrainian. She is beautiful, but where is the Japaneseness in the girl chosen as Miss Japan? questions arise

Many believed that Carolina's victory sent "the wrong message" to the rest of the country. Concern has been expressed about

Posting on Instagram last year, Carolina said that although she "doesn't look Japanese", growing up in Japan has left her with a "Japanese" brain. She said that winning the title of Miss Japan 2024 is a "lifelong dream".

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