Ollie Pope gave new hope to England by reverse sweeping the Indian spinners?

Very few people have played the reverse sweep as often and with as much authority as Ollie Pope did in front of 30,000 spellbound fans in Hyderabad.

Almost three-and-a-half years ago, Ollie Pope scored a stylish 91 – his second-highest Test score – when he received massive praise from an unexpected source.

England's famous right-handed batsman Bell scored more than 7,000 runs in 118 Test matches at an average of 42.69, including a highest score of 235 and 22 centuries.

Therefore, it must have been thrilling for the young player to compare a player playing only his tenth Test with a legendary batsman.

Tendulkar was made aware of Pope's other side on Saturday, midway through England's first Test against India in Hyderabad.

This is not the kind of masterclass that can be easily imitated. It wasn't built around conventional, not around flashy cover-drives and crunchy back-cuts and wrist whips and meaty pulls.

England needed someone who could keep his back to the wall.