Miss Japan! Ukrainian woman crowned Miss Japan

Who is Japanese? This controversy has become the most talked about debate on social media today. The Ukraine-born model became the talk of the town after winning the Miss Japan title.

It is well known that the number of elderly people in Japan is increasing and the number of young people is decreasing rapidly. 

A foreigner may be required to work in Japan. But questions are going viral as to which beautiful woman the foreigners need to crown.

The Ukraine-born model faced a fish and couldn't even celebrate her trip to Miss Japan. Although he is on a Japanese tour, he is bringing his European roots into the mix

From racially charged to racially charged, Miss Japan pageant winner Carolina Shino faces it all.

Although she won the title of beauty queen, people were not happy with her success. Even by the time she wins the pageant and is crowned, Karolina is not accepted as Japanese, but is still looked up to.

Karolina, a 26-year-old model from Ukraine, moved to Japan at the age of five and was raised in Nagoya.

Carolina has won the Miss Japan title, almost 10 years after becoming the first hybrid woman to win the Miss Japan title.